About us

Good Turn Daily has a single mission: to provide Scout Units with a fundraiser that's easy, simple, and supports the sale of high quality coffee at a reasonable price. We direct all proceeds towards the Boy Scouts of America, enriching the scouting experience and ensuring that every child who wants to be a Scout has that opportunity.

Quite simply, we provide self-funding Scouting, by Scouts for Scouts.


Step 1

Our process is simple and sustainable—a Scout comes to your door and gives you his Troop ID, the keyway to ensuring that local Scouting is supported by your purchase. At checkout, your local Troop ID allows us to link the proceeds from your order directly to the troop that approached you. Because here at Good Turn Daily, we believe that supporting Scouting is about supporting your community.


Step 2

After your order is placed, coffee is shipped from facilities around the world and sped to your door. Only the highest quality beans make the cut, and only the best quality gets to you. Period. 


Step 3

Crack the box open and enjoy the pleasing flavor of Good Turn Daily’s roasted coffee. With every sip you take, you're not only helping fund local Scouting activities-from hiking and camping to orienteering and wilderness survival, you're also helping build character of future generations. As we like to say here at Good Turn Daily, sit back, relax and do your good turn daily.